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Reminder: Clubhouse will be open early for those wishing to use the club's HF stations!!

FCC Fines North Carolina Man for Unauthorized and Misleading Public Safety Transmissions

The FCC this week issued a $39,278 Forfeiture Order against Ocean Hinson of Surry County, North Carolina, for intentional misuse of a local public safety radio communications network, in violation of §301 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended.

HSARC gets a SMD rework station

HSACR club member Jose Miranda made a generous donation to the club with a brand new Yihua 992DA rework station.

These rework stations are listed online for just over $100.00. Jose’s donation was new in the box

Some features include:

HSARC Field Day 2019 - Results

The results for Field Day 2019 have been tallied and submitted to the ARRL. Here is the breakdown of the results:

Call used: KØHS

ARRL Section: SD

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