HSARC Club Meeting: Thursday December 6th at 7:30pm.
Please note the time change: Monthly meetings will now start at 7:30pm!!


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September 2018 Minutes

HSARC Sep 6 minutes

Called to order 1900 by Pete

Present: Chip, Pete, Paul, Lon, Lee, Shawn, Billy B., Tom, Mark, Mike Kelley, Jose, Coleen, Bob P.,

Treasurer’s report read motion Lon, second Shawn, approved

Discussion of SD business/non-profit paperwork, will use Lon’s address for mail records, 27451 Pass

Rd, HS, changes to be filed by Paul following elections in October, with new officer’s/director’s names.

Report of building committee:

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Facebook query from Todd Rittel - KCØCCB

Todd Rittel asked, on the facebook site, if anyone know about old repeaters on Marty Hill? I'm not sure where Marty Hill is and no idea any repeaters up there. Since our repeater gurus aren't facebook guys thought I'd post it here and see if anyone knew anything.

Marty Hill site ??

I had heard that there might be some ham gear up on Marty Hill. Maybe a few repeaters.. Can somebody confirm that for me..?

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Mountain Top QRP

Since it was such a beautiful day, and I needed to go check the cows on the mountain, I decided to bring along the radio and see what I could find using a new digital mode called FT8Call.

After checking on the cows and finding them all still in the pasture and in good health, I headed for the top of the mountain located on our property just north of Minnekahta Junction. It was a beautiful day for QRP portable. 80 degrees, light wind, shade from a big pine tree and a view that went on for miles.

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QRPGuys Tri-Band Vertical

I try to pack light, but the weight adds up when it's all stuffed in a backpack.
One of the things I have done to minimize the weight, is building lightweight antennas that do not need a stout pole to support them.


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