HSARC Club Meeting: Thursday December 6th at 7:30pm.
Please note the time change: Monthly meetings will now start at 7:30pm!!

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September 2018 Minutes

HSARC Sep 6 minutes

Called to order 1900 by Pete

Present: Chip, Pete, Paul, Lon, Lee, Shawn, Billy B., Tom, Mark, Mike Kelley, Jose, Coleen, Bob P.,

Treasurer’s report read motion Lon, second Shawn, approved

Discussion of SD business/non-profit paperwork, will use Lon’s address for mail records, 27451 Pass

Rd, HS, changes to be filed by Paul following elections in October, with new officer’s/director’s names.

Report of building committee:

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August 2018 Minutes

HSARC August 2, 2018

Called to order 1902

Present: Mike, Pete, Phil, Todd, Lon, Paul, Coleen, Arlene, Billy B, Tom, Chip

Minutes approved

Treasurer’s report approved

New Business:

Replacement of ceiling/insulation in club house. Shawn, Lon, Phil committee to report next month.

Board has served in past as nominating committee, serve now as vetting committee. Board will vet in September for October elections. Board will submit four names for officers

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July 2018 Minutes

HSARC Minutes July 5 2018

Meeting held at DQ due to no one with top key.

Called to order 1920

Attending: Chip, Shawn, Pete, Paul, Ernie, Bob B., Bill M., Billy B., Lee, Todd

June minutes approved as read

Treasurer’s report approved as presented

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June 2018 Minutes

HSARC minutes 7 June 2018

Meeting 1900

Attending: Phil, Lon, Shawn, Tom, Billy B., Dennis, Chip, Colleen Weisert KE0OUJ (new member, joined tonite), Linda J., Arlene, Gary

Secretary’s report accepted

Treasuer approved, in book

Old business: gen fuel (91 oct or blend) check manual

Antennas and generators ready, location for FD, one station at club, the other halfway from barn to library, op-trailer set up closest to library

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May 2018 Minutes

HSARC minutes May 3 2018

Meeting 1900


Phil, Pete, Jose, Tom, Paul, Dennis, Lon, Bob, Shawn, Marc, Arlene, Chip

Minutes approved with Phil addition

Treasurer’s report approved

Moved seconded to reimburse Pete for genset battery 98.00

Pete discussed spending up to $75.00 for generator maintenance items (oil, filters, StaBil, etc), Dennis, Paul, approved

Let Dawn know that FD is last FULL weekend 23, 24 June. Shawn and/or Pete will handle

Testing this Saturday, last until October

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