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July 2018 Minutes

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HSARC Minutes July 5 2018

Meeting held at DQ due to no one with top key.

Called to order 1920

Attending: Chip, Shawn, Pete, Paul, Ernie, Bob B., Bill M., Billy B., Lee, Todd

June minutes approved as read

Treasurer’s report approved as presented

Field Day report: 398 total contacts; 190 cw by Gary in clubhouse, 120 - 20 M. phone by Ernie in car on library lawn, 16 - 6m. by Lon on sidewalk (along with an information table on Ham Radio), FT8 by Tom in Jeep on lawn. Phone/data by Shawn in EM trailer and clubhouse. Logging software set up and utilized, all logging done and sent by close of FD.

Visit by Frank Maynard, Fall River EM on Saturday.

Sunday was easier, pile-ups less frequent, and our infrastructure was well in place.

Problems with SWR on HF trailer beam. Flat on ground, but the more it ws raised, the higher SWR became (?) tuner was adequate to operate, however.

Pete discussed the repeater situation on Coolidge, still desensing, may be due to excessive rf at site, may swap frequencies to eliminate desense. Discussion of Elk Mtn as possible location whenever USFS allows access, Mike Carter, Custer EM, working on that.

Adjourn 1945

Chip Johnson, sec.