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HSARC gets a SMD rework station

HSACR club member Jose Miranda made a generous donation to the club with a brand new Yihua 992DA rework station.

These rework stations are listed online for just over $100.00. Jose’s donation was new in the box

Some features include:

* SAMSUNG Microcomputer control for quick warmup
* Digital PID technology to enhance temperature stability
* ESD design of soldering iron to protect sensitive components
* Adjust the temperature and airflow via buttons and rotation knob easily
* Automatically stop rotation when the temperature is less than 70°C
* Intelligence self-detection function features safe personal operation
* Handle with sensor switch features access operating mode when picks up or standby mode when lays down
* Automatic cooling function for effectively prolonging the heater's life and protecting the hot air gun
* Auto and manual startup function of airflow temperature for more personality and convenience
* Total power: 720W, Voltage: 110V/AC

Hot air stations or heat guns are very useful tools and are essential for any electronics
workbench. When working with or building printed circuit boards, there
is a lot of room for errors to be made. Whether you're relying on
machines to do the building for you or building by hand, solder can
often have a mind of its own. Sometimes the person doing the building
(or the person programming the machine that does the building) can make a
mistake. Other times, the solder or components on the PCB can react in
ways that are not desirable during reflow. Have no fear though, there
are ways to remedy's called a rework station.