HSARC Club Meeting: Thursday December 6th at 7:30pm.
Please note the time change: Monthly meetings will now start at 7:30pm!!

June 2018 Minutes

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HSARC minutes 7 June 2018

Meeting 1900

Attending: Phil, Lon, Shawn, Tom, Billy B., Dennis, Chip, Colleen Weisert KE0OUJ (new member, joined tonite), Linda J., Arlene, Gary

Secretary’s report accepted

Treasuer approved, in book

Old business: gen fuel (91 oct or blend) check manual

Antennas and generators ready, location for FD, one station at club, the other halfway from barn to library, op-trailer set up closest to library

Two separate stations with laptop logging into one database with both computer. May be VoIP phones between stations, antennas are tuned and we will set up June 23, after Dale’s breakfast.

40/80 dipoles available to tie off to towers, by Shawn

On air by noon, Extra class operator must be in charge of stations. Lon will handle PR, press, 6 meters, public location, EM , other elected officials , email to Section Manager, club name number of participants, educational opportunity

Lon needs any old pictures, etc. of the Hot Springs radio club activities

List passed for FD signups to send to ARRL for qualification

New business: 2 radios newly programmed into ham use.

Need generals in club to operate per their privileges, techs to advance in class.

Adjourned 1944

Chip Johnson, secretary