HSARC Club Meeting: Thursday December 6th at 7:30pm.
Please note the time change: Monthly meetings will now start at 7:30pm!!

September 2018 Minutes

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HSARC Sep 6 minutes

Called to order 1900 by Pete

Present: Chip, Pete, Paul, Lon, Lee, Shawn, Billy B., Tom, Mark, Mike Kelley, Jose, Coleen, Bob P.,

Treasurer’s report read motion Lon, second Shawn, approved

Discussion of SD business/non-profit paperwork, will use Lon’s address for mail records, 27451 Pass

Rd, HS, changes to be filed by Paul following elections in October, with new officer’s/director’s names.

Report of building committee:

Shawn reported ceiling structure appears sufficient to support sheet-rock, cost of materiel for ceiling recover, wiring/breaker upgrade, new LED lights and provision for shed wiring to be within $500.00 range, with club members doing the work. Lon moved, Paul seconded to accept report, passed.

Lon moved, Mark seconded allowing a $750.00 budget for completion, passed.

Memorandum of Understanding requested by Pennington ARES Emergency Coordinator was referred to joint discussion between Phil, our county ARES EC and Bob Ewing, Pennington EC. HSARC directors will draft our reply at Sept board meeting and Phil will then meet w/Bob.

Shawn reported activity on club website, 201 unique visits, with 561 repeats, site is all open to public access, and he suggested that more members use it for information sharing.

Minutes of August meeting were read and approved, Lon moved, Paul seconded, passed

Report on nominating committee was presented: Pete – president, Shawn – vice president, Paul – treasurer, Arlene – secretary, and Chip – Director for another term. Billy B. moved acceptance, Jose seconded, accepted. Elections to be held at October meeting,

Only paid up members will be able to vote, dues are due by then!

Discussion on changing meeting time to 1930, to accommodate members from a distance and other Thursday obligations, passed, to begin with November 1 meeting, Lon moved, Paul seconded.

Adjourned 1945, Mark moved, Billy B. seconded.

Chip Johnson, sec.