Next Meeting: Oct. 1st at 7:30pm

This is the annual meeting for the club

Agenda includes election of officers

Door prize of (1) free club membership

Auction of surplus radio equipment

Meeting will be held at the South Annex Building (former ambulance shed) just north of Culligan Water.

Culligan Water is located at 715 Jensen Hwy and HSARC meeting will be in the next building north.

HSARC Clubhouse Renovations

At the September meeting, the Building Committee presented it's report and recommendations for some renovations to the clubhouse. The members voted to give the Building Committee a $750 budget to complete their goal of replacing the ceiling in the clubhouse. Also the fuse box would be upgraded to a 100 amp circuit breaker panel, some old wiring would be replaced and new lights would be added.
Shawn Morgan kicked off the renovations by removing the old styrofoam ceiling from the clubhouse.

Much to everybody's surprise, there was another ceiling above the styrofoam. The second ceiling was made of thin paneling that was in very poor shape.

Lon Seaboldt and Phil Knapp came by to offer some assistance with the removal of the light fixtures on the ceiling.

The original ceiling had to go as well. Shawn stayed after it and by that evening, it too was removed.

Underneath all the old styrofoam and paneling was a decent structure. It was made of rough cut lumber and needed very little work to make it ready for the sheetrock.