February 7th at 7:30pm

We had an awesome turnout for the January meeting...hope to see everybody again for this meeting.
Reminder: Clubhouse will be open early for those wishing to use the club's HF station!!

2018 - December

HSARC Meeting Minutes
6 Dec 2018

The meeting was called to order at 1934 by Club President Pete Burkett.

2. Attendance:
Pete Burkett. Shawn Morgan, Paul LeClair, Arlene Cravens, Chip Johnson, Lon
Seaboldt, Phil Knapp, Dennis Cornell, Lee Kocmick, Jose Miranda. A quorum is Present.

3. Review of 1 Nov 2018 Minutes:
Minutes read. One correction: Paragraph 7.C. should be Fall
River County, not Custer. Motion to accept as corrected: Paul/ Second Dennis. Approved.

4. Treasurers report:
Balances Checking: $ 2,167.93; CD: $2,971.72; Money Market:
$10,076.95. Attachment 1. Motion to accept: Phil/ Second: Chip

5. Officer Reports:
A. President: There was an excellent showing for field day, it was the best field day in at
least 18 years. Our club competed in Class 2A which had 327 entries. We ranked 91st out of
all entries. Congratulations team.
B: Vice President: No Report
C. Treasurer: Paul reports receipt of more dues. He also sent a check to ARRL for Phil’s
membership and sent the check to Black Hills Energy.
D. Secretary: Arlene reports she sent out email requests to members with email address
and six letters to those without email containing the minutes of the last meeting and requested
an update on missing roster information. She received several replies and the roster is almost
complete. The letter to Don Clifford was returned with no such number, however she now has
an email for him. She also sent a thank you to the 2018 Crazy Horse Volksmarch for their
donation, Attachment 2.

6. Committee Reports:
Building Committee: No report. Pete praised the members for a job well done. The project will
continue in the spring when a Paint Committee will be appointed to focus on painting the walls
and floor.

7. Old Business:
A. Pennington County MOU: Phil and Pete: Awhile back Phil sent Bob Ewing an e-mail
regarding the MOU requesting a meeting with the club directors. Phil reports that he is still
waiting for a response on scheduling a sit down meeting.
B. Emergency Equipment: Fall River County equipment for HF emergency radio to be
located either at South Complex or the hospital ambulance shed. Phil reports he met with
Frank. The club will provide the radio, the facility is to buy, based on club recommendations, the
antenna and coax. Suggest the antenna be a vertical multi-band that will be mounted on the shed. it was further suggested the system have 2 meter capability as emergency calls usually
come in on 2 meter.
C. Update roster information. Member information such as grid square, license date &
license class are requirements for ARRL affiliated clubs and ARRL contest participation. The
secretary will contact those members who have not complied to request this information. Open
D. Club dinner: The date selected is Saturday February 9, 2019. Members agreed to
order off the menu. Chip will head the committee assisted by Phil to finalize a location. Open

8. New Business:
A. Club seems to not be radio oriented. What change is necessary to be more focused
on the radio hobby?
How many club members have experience in handling/passing message
traffic? Would members participate in a special event station such as at the VA or Shannon
County? Discussion was held as to whether the VA has a high frequency antenna and if the
club could utilize that. There are many aspects to the hobby. It was agreed that when Arlene
sends the minutes, she will ask members what would encourage them to attend meetings and
what they would like to see the club do.
B. Activate the club HF station prior to the start of the regular club meeting.
could possibly motivate club members to see/participate in HF activities. Need to get
the club HF on the air. Shawn reports the antenna problem has been solved, there was
a defective lead wire.

9. Next meeting will be held 3 January 2018 at 1930.

10. Motion for adjournment: Lon/ Second: Paul. Adjourned at 2027.

Respectfully submitted,
Arlene Cravens