February 7th at 7:30pm

We had an awesome turnout for the January meeting...hope to see everybody again for this meeting.
Reminder: Clubhouse will be open early for those wishing to use the club's HF station!!

2019 - January

HSARC Meeting Minutes - 3 Jan 2019

1. The meeting was called to order at 1937 by Club President Pete Burkett.
2. Attendance: Members: Pete Burkett. Shawn Morgan, Paul LeClair, Arlene Cravens, Chip Johnson, Lon Seaboldt, Phil Knapp, Carl Anderson, Dennis Cornell, Dave Dewsbury, Tom Embree, Frank Gregg, Brian Hartmann, Charles Kelsey, Lee Kocmick, Bill Martin, Jose Miranda, Lyle Rudloff, Gary Slagel. A quorum is Present. Guests: Bill Clements, Joan Clements, Rick Niles
3. Review of 6 Dec 2018 Minutes: Minutes read. One correction: Paragraph 10: should be 3 January 2019. Motion to accept as corrected: Chip/ Second Dennis. Approved.
4. Treasurers report: Balances- Checking: $ 2,269.93; CD: $2,974.88; Money Market: $10,080.68. Attachment 1. Motion to accept: Chip/ Second Phil Approved.
5. Officer Reports:
A. President: In appreciation for the donation of eight commercial radios by Rushmore Communications, Pete purchased and gave them a gift card for $50.00 from Colonial House. Motion that the club reimburse Pete made by Dennis/ Second Paul. Approved.
B: Vice President: Shawn reminded members that the club website is: www.K0HS.com.
C. Treasurer: Paul reports receipt of $100.00 in membership dues, and he has paid Jose’s ARRL membership. A reminder to members that when they join or renew their ARRL membership through the club, the club receives a portion of the amount paid.
D. Secretary: Arlene reports when she sent out minutes she asked all members to respond to questions: 1) What would encourage you to come to meetings on a regular basis? 2) What activities would you like to see the club do? She sent by regular mail the the minutes to the two members who do not have an email address.
6. Committee Reports:
A. Building Committee: No report. Activity will resume in the spring.
B. Club dinner: Chip/ Phil: The date is Saturday February 9, 2019, the location Red Rocks Resort, 603 N. River Street, Hot Springs. The menu has been emailed to members and was passed around at the meeting. Members are asked to let Chip or Phil know their preference. The top three selected will be sent out for members to make a final choice. Open
7. Old Business:
A. Pennington County MOU: Phil / Pete: Phil reports he received an email response. A meeting is scheduled for 6 Jan 2019. Open
B. Emergency HF Radio Equipment Fall River County: Phil: Frank will attend the HSARC Board meeting in January. Open
C. Update roster information. Paul/Arlene: Arlene has requested missing information from the individual members. Most of the information has been obtained. Arlene will continue to monitor and update. Item will be closed. Closed
D. Club seems to not be radio oriented. Use of phonetics on the air and call signs. Pete: Pete encouraged use of common language when talking on the radio. Use of abbreviations may be confusing and intimidating to new amateurs. Sometimes it is hard to understand a call sign. Use of the Universal Phonetic Alphabet to clarify is encouraged. This alphabet is different from that used by law enforcement. The club house will open half an hour before meeting time to activate the club’s HF station. Members are encouraged to come practice. Open
8. New Business:
A. Revision of Club Bylaws: Lon: Lon reports board is still working on this. It probably will be a couple more months before recommendations are presented to the club. Open
B. Rushmore Communications donation of radios: Pete: Pete reports that Rushmore Communications has donated eight commercial radios to the club. These are 100 watt radios and need to be repaired. These radios will be, and others are available for members to purchase through the club. Pete estimates the value of the donation to be $3,000.00. The secretary will prepare and send an acknowledgement of the donation. Open
C. Tax exempt letter to Western Communication for tower and site donation: Pete: The secretary will prepare an acknowledgement of the donation valued at $1,700.00. Open
D. Speaker purchase: Pete: Gary has purchased a matching speaker for the club at a cost of $100.00. Motion that the club reimburse Gary made by Paul/ Second Tom. Approved
9. Information: -Before /After meeting presentations: Shawn- digital operations; Phil- Antenna construction; Pete- common mistakes in initial radio selection. -There will be a swap meet in Rapid City on February 11 for amateur radio equipment.
10. Next meeting will be held 7 Feb 2019 at 1930.
11. Motion for adjournment: Paul/ Second: Dennis. Adjourned at 2020.
Respectfully submitted,
Arlene Cravens Secretary