Next Meeting: Nov. 10th at 6:30pm

Meeting will be held at the South Annex Building (former ambulance shed) just north of Culligan Water.

Culligan Water is located at 715 Jensen Hwy and HSARC meeting will be in the next building north.

A generous donation brings new opportunities to HSARC

With the completion of "Phase One" renovations on the clubhouse, not only do we have a new ceiling, new paint and new lighting to enjoy, we also have Wi-Fi.

The gift of wireless internet was made possible by a generous donation from Dave Dewsbury (KD0USU). Dave donated the equipment and it was installed after the completion of the renovation project.

Now that the club has access to the internet, this will allow members to expand their capabilities while doing demonstrations for club members. It will also come in handy during our Field Day activities as it can be tied in with our mesh network.

A big thanks to Dave for the donation, it is greatly appreciated. Also a shout out to those who helped install the hardware.