Next Meeting: June 4th at 7:30pm

Meeting will be held in the clubhouse unless we are still dealing with COVID-19.

Another generous donation to HSARC

The Hot Springs Amateur Radio Club has received another generous donation. Mr. David Bartsch of Rapid City donated a crank-up tower and a couple antennas on the condition that the club remove them from his property. His donation was valued at $2500.

After some careful planning and Mother Nature's cooperation, the equipment was successfully retrieved.

The crew from left to right: Paul - N6ATH, Pete - WN6QJN, Phil - WØFUI, Lon - WSØV, Ernie - KEØDQU and Bill - KEØOUI

and a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Joan - KEØOUH for taking the pictures. Additional photos are available in the Gallery.

(the donated equipment will used to upgrade existing club equipment for all members to enjoy)