HSARC Club Meeting: Thursday December 6th at 7:30pm.
Please note the time change: Monthly meetings will now start at 7:30pm!!

May 2018 Minutes

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HSARC minutes May 3 2018

Meeting 1900


Phil, Pete, Jose, Tom, Paul, Dennis, Lon, Bob, Shawn, Marc, Arlene, Chip

Minutes approved with Phil addition

Treasurer’s report approved

Moved seconded to reimburse Pete for genset battery 98.00

Pete discussed spending up to $75.00 for generator maintenance items (oil, filters, StaBil, etc), Dennis, Paul, approved

Let Dawn know that FD is last FULL weekend 23, 24 June. Shawn and/or Pete will handle

Testing this Saturday, last until October

Antenna maintenance last Saturday one balun full of bugs/end broken out. Two tribanders working for FD. Four hours of committee work.

Two Tech, two General, one Extra manuals, carried

Adjourned 1931

Chip Johnson, secretary