HSARC Club Meeting: Thursday December 6th at 7:30pm.
Please note the time change: Monthly meetings will now start at 7:30pm!!

August 2018 Minutes

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HSARC August 2, 2018

Called to order 1902

Present: Mike, Pete, Phil, Todd, Lon, Paul, Coleen, Arlene, Billy B, Tom, Chip

Minutes approved

Treasurer’s report approved

New Business:

Replacement of ceiling/insulation in club house. Shawn, Lon, Phil committee to report next month.

Board has served in past as nominating committee, serve now as vetting committee. Board will vet in September for October elections. Board will submit four names for officers

County hunt in Oglala Lakota with Chadron club, Heath has worked with Chadron club before, Lon will follow up and let club know

HSARC now has a web site, www.K0HS.com, thanks to Shawn, link has been shared with SDLINK affiliates. He also put us up as a group on Facebook. Please visit the web page and sign in and join in the discussions. Domain and hosting will run the club about $70.00 per year.

Work day for antenna repair, field day beam and CH forty m. dipole. Aug 11 after breakfast, 0900 at CH (A4F, A3F)

Billy B will work on repairs to foundation and trimming trees away from building and antennae

Adjourned 1949

Chip Johnson, sec.