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2018 - October

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HSARC minutes 4 Oct 10

Called to order 1930

Present: Chip, Paul, Shawn, Lon, Phil, Bob P., Tom, Jose, Colleen, Gary

Minutes moved, seconded, passed

Treasurer’s Phil moved, Lon seconded, passed

Phil turned in $50.00 from Crazy Horse, top and one rover short, secretary to send thank you to Volksmarch Assn.

Phil sent Bob Ewing an e-mail re: MoU from Pennington County, requesting a sit down with directors.

Shawn reported on club ceiling renovation, sheetrock, LED lights, Phil did wiring, dimmers on inside lights, some RFI from switches, will check and repair.

New Business

Phil attended meeting with County re: equipment for HF emergency radio, either at South Complex or hospital (ambulance shed).


President: no nominations from floor, Lon moved, Phil seconded that nominations cease and Pete be accepted, by acclamation, passed

Vice-president, Shawn: no floor nominations; Lon , Chip, acclamation

Treasurer: Paul nominated; no floor nominations, Lon cease by acclamation, Phil seconded, passed

Secretary: Arlene nominated, no floor nominations , Phil moved, Lon seconded, passed

Board: Chip, no floor nominations, Phil, Lon, seconded, passed

Lon moved to adjourned , Coleen, adjourned 2000

In executive session, Lon was nominated to serve as Board Chair for another term.

Chip Johnson, sec (outgoing), KD0UST