HSARC Club Meeting: Thursday December 6th at 7:30pm.
Please note the time change: Monthly meetings will now start at 7:30pm!!

2018 - November

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HSARC Meeting Minutes 1 Nov 2018

1. The meeting was called to order at 1937 by Club President Pete Burkett.

2. Attendance: Pete Burkett, Shawn Morgan, Paul LeClair, Arlene Cravens, Chip Johnson. Lon Seaboldt, Phil Knapp, Carl Anderson, Bob Puffer, Bill Martin

3. Review of 4 Oct 2018 Minutes: Minutes read; motion to accept: Paul/ Second: Phil. Approved.

4. Treasurers report: Balances Checking: $2,195.93; CD: $2,968.46; Money Market: $10,073.52. Attachment 1. Motion to accept: Phil/ Second: Carl Approved.

5. Officer Reports:

A. President: No Report

B: Vice President: No Report

C. Treasurer: Paul reports there is a $22.00 balance with Black Hills energy. Historically a set amount has been paid in advance and Black Hills deducts the monthly bill from that. Paul asked for approval to send a payment of $150.00. Motion Lon/ Second Chip. Approved
D. Secretary: No Report
6. Committee Reports: Building Committee: Shawn reports that the ceiling is up, and the insulation is complete. Three coats of joint compound have been applied. After a final sanding, it should be ready to paint. Report at Attachment 2.
7. Old Business:
A. Reimburse Shawn for website/ Domain name. Shawn reports that the Domain and Web Host have been paid until July 2019. He has been reimbursed for his expense in August. Shawn shares the web host, so covers half of the cost for his share of usage. Closed
B. Pennington County MOU: Phil and Pete: Phil sent Bob Ewing an e-mail regarding the MOU requesting a meeting with the club directors. So far there has been no response. Open
C. Emergency Equipment: Phil attended meeting with Custer County regarding equipment for HF emergency radio to be located either at South Complex or the hospital ambulance shed. Open
8. New Business:
A. Reminder to pay dues; Phil included a reminder in the meeting announcement. Paul asks that members remind other members to pay their dues. Also members need to update
their information on the member roles such as their grid square, license date & license class. ARRL requires this information in order for the club to get full credit in contests. Information
B. Status non paid members: Pete lead a discussion about carrying non-paid members for on the member roles as “non-participating members” for one fiscal year and then drop them from the roles. Non-participating members are not eligible for any of the regular member privileges. Information
C. Presentation: Phil presented a radio to Chip as a thank you for his service to the club.
D. Sweepstakes the 2nd and 3rd weekends in November. The club is planning to participate. Antenna maintenance needs to be done at the club house. Participation can be done at individual homes and the club can still get credit. Information
E. Club Antenna maintenance: Club antenna maintenance is tentatively scheduled for Saturday 10 November after the breakfast. Information
F. Club dinner; Setting a date/ Place/ Awards/ Committee: Plan on discussing this topic at the next meeting. Club members need to step up in order for this to take place. Open
9. Next meeting will be held 6 December 2018 at 1930. 10.
Motion for adjournment: Chip/ Second: Paul. Adjourned at 2005 Respectfully submitted,

Arlene Cravens Secretary